Things Your Photographer Wished You Knew

I put off writing this post. I worried so much it would sound critical. As if to call out all the non-photographers saying "why don't you know these things??" I want you to know that is the farthest from the truth. I don't expect anyone but photographers to know and understand these things, however, I do think knowing them will give you a better glimpse into our workflow + strengthen the results of your next session. So I decided to (finally) share. 

We are Waiting for your Comments 

I can speak for most photographers when I say we are dying to hear your feedback. When we post a gallery on Facebook or a sneak peak on Instagram we anxiously await your likes, comments, texts, emails, basically anything telling us what you think of your photos. We want to know if the session was fun and which picture is your favorite. 

Photoshop Isn't Magical 

I know I know, this is hard to believe. There are some things that are extremely easy to photoshop out, and we will tell you honestly if they are. But there are other things that are next to impossible. As photographers, it is our job to inform you and taper your expectations for what can and cannot be photoshopped. 

Our Cameras Don't Bite

Wow okay I feel like a 3rd grade teacher saying this. But seriously, they don't. You will find that sessions are scary for about the first 15 minutes and then it all feels natural. We will do anything we can to make you feel comfortable, get a genuine laugh, and capture candid photos (let's be honest, candids are the best) and I think step one is knowing that cameras really aren't that scary. I promise. 

We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Pinterest

We love pinterest for all the cute wedding ideas it brings you! And there is nothing I would rather shoot than a super cute engagement shoot. However, most photographers roll their eyes when Pinterest is mentioned because several people screen shot 30-40 poses that they want from their engagement session! Don't get me wrong, 3-4 is great but an overwhelming amount will impede your session. Think about it... The more time we spend looking at your phone trying to emulate Pinterest poses, the less time we spend actually shooting! That means less images make the edit--  which no one wants! If you just have to have Pinterest poses my advice is to pick your top 3 and send them to your photographer ahead of time! This ensures not too much of your session will be taken by looking at your phone + you'll get TONS of images you love! 

It is my sincere hope that knowing these things helps you get the most out of your next session with your photographer!! xoxo! 

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