Why Do A First Look?

Hey friends!! Yesterday I explained what a first look is, today I'm going to outline 3 of my favorite benefits of doing a first look! 


The first time a groom sees his bride is extremely special. Having a first look allows the groom to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day totally privately. He doesn't have to worry about having a big reaction in front of hundreds of people, which can definitely ease the nerves. 


When you do a first look your day together starts about 2 hours earlier than it would have, and because of this there is more time to take pictures-- YAY! (All the brides reading this are smiling and all the grooms are rolling their eyes) Not only do you get A LOT more portraits, but the more time you have to take them, the less stressed you are. WIN WIN. 


I don't know if you've noticed, but the bride and groom are NEVER alone on their wedding day. They are surrounded by their bridal party and family + friends. This is definitely not a bad thing, but sometimes alone time with your best friend can be appreciated. At the first look you get exactly that. It is your only opportunity to be alone with your future spouse on the wedding day. 

For BridesAndrea Vehige