First Look: Expectations

Hey y'all! It's the 3rd and final day of explaining all about the first look! Today we are looking at what you can expect from a first look! 

Brides, have no fear, you can expect a huge reaction from your groom during the first look, which is what every bride wants. And even better yet, I promise seeing you before the ceremony will not diminish his reaction during the ceremony. 

Grooms, expect to react! Whether it be cheering because, I mean, look how beautiful your soon to be wife is! Crying, because you are just so happy she is all yours! Or throwing a fist in the air... Like fist bumping God himself, thanking him for your bride. 

Both of you can expect an extremely heart warming + private meeting together to enjoy your day. There will most likely be tears of happiness, sweet words, and photographs to document them. 

Hopefully these 3 blog posts helped you better understand the first look + helped you decide if you may want to do one on your big day! 



For BridesAndrea Vehige