Adam + Karla: Engaged

She caught a glimpse of him at the county fair a few years back. She thought nothing of her remark about his nice veins (such a nurse), but her friend quickly got an idea. 

Adam and Karla. It made sense to her, she liked that idea. Karla persisted, she would not be set up. That was not her ideal way to meet a guy. Like all good friends do, she completely ignored Karla and told Adam about a certain girl who might be interested. Moments later Karla made her down to Adam's side of the table at the auction and conversation sparked. 

Fast forward a year or so, Adam and Karla go on a walk on the farm Adam lives on. Completely casual, nothing special. Just like any ordinary day, Karla has her camera taking pictures and they stroll through the corn fields. While Karla was particularly interested in taking a picture of a corn stalk, Adam took the opportunity to get down on one knee. It's safe to say she was totally surprised when she turned around to find Adam proposing with the most beautiful ring that he picked out himself. (It happened to be just exactly what she wanted... Way to go, Adam!!) 

The planning process is in full swing for their September wedding next year. I love these two so much and can't wait for their fabulous day!