God Talks At Midnight

I didn't go to bed until past midnight. I normally fall asleep with ease around 2 hours before this, but last night I couldn't. My mind was racing with everything I'm doing wrong in my business. 

'You need to rebrand this off season. Break down your entire pricing structure. Get more involved with the photography community. Meet more vendors. Make more friends. Plan more shoots.' 

I was totally stressed. 

Today I woke up still feeling icky + not knowing entirely what to do. And just as life would have it... Three industry peers reached out and insisted we met up for coffee in the future. And on the way to Target for girl's night a friend of mine, who studies graphic design, expressed her desire to work on branding for businesses. 

At midnight tonight I lie in my bed staring at the ceiling for an entirely different reason: in awe of God's timing + thankful for all the people who make this big ole world feel like home.

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