Kevin + Taylor: Forest Park Engagement Session

She never really cared about baseball. I mean, she cared, but just enough to know a few key things about the Texas Rangers. It wasn’t until she met a cute Cardinal’s fan during October of 2011 that she actually took the time to research a thing or two… and let’s just say it paid off ;). 

Taylor and Kevin met at Drury University in Springfield; he is from St. Louis and she is from Dallas. During the 2011 world series they made a bet: whoever's team lost had to wear the opposing team’s shirt. She may have cheated by wearing Kevin’s Cardinal’s shirt with her Ranger’s shorts, but in the end it didn’t really matter. They started dating soon after and now, over 4 years later, are engaged. Kevin proposed to Taylor earlier this year at the Jefferson memorial at sunrise and now here we are at their engagement session!! 

Kevin and Taylor are quite possibly the sweetest people on the planet. During their session it felt more like hanging out with 2 good friends rather than working! Taylor and I couldn't believe how much we have in common: they love Parks and Rec, did long distance, watch baseball together and there is a ton more. Needless to say, it made their session sooo amazing and fun!! 

Kevin and Taylor, thanks so much for asking me to be your engagement photographer! I had the greatest time with y’all and I know your wedding is going to be fabulous! :) Until then, enjoy the engaged life and wedding planning!! All the best, Andrea. <3