Justin and Mary, Hope Taylor, and United: 2017 Workshops

I'm supposed to be writing a research paper right now, but I can't, okay? I CAN'T. Side note: this is my last week of school FOREVER so you think I'd be able to suck it up and do it, but it simply ain't happening. Mainly because Hope Taylor just opened up the Facebook group for her workshop in March and meeting other attendees is far more interesting than my sociology paper. I had to do something productive, so I figured I'd take the time to share the workshops I'll be attending in 2017 and why I chose them! 

First: Justin and Mary's Walk Through a Wedding

In January I will be flying off to Monterey CA (gahhh omg need I say more than that?!) for Justin and Mary's workshop. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary at Creative at Heart Conference last week and let me tell you she is the most genuine and sincere person you will ever meet in your life. She told me about her workshop where they walk you through a wedding from getting ready shots all the way through the reception and make sure you master it and I was SOLD. The next day they bring it back and talk about workflow, marketing, and all the business things! Not to mention the fact that Justin and Mary are INSANELY talented!! I can't wait to learn from them SOON! 

Second: Hope Taylor Workshop 

In March my sister and I will be road-tripping to VA for Hope Taylor's workshop. I also met her at Creative at Heart where she told me about her workshop and, again, I was sold. Hope Taylor is super successful at only 20 years old and I am so so excited to learn about all the things she did in her business in the first year to set it up for success. There will also be styled shoots, which y'all know I love, and it will be held in her adorable studio! I have already gotten to meet some other attendees in the Facebook group and I can't wait for the workshop! 

Third: ShowIt UNITED 

Next November I will be traveling to Tempe, AZ for ShowIt United. This is a conference put on by ShowIt for professional photographers and they have a history of providing a KILLER lineup. Last year's included Jasmine Star, Hope Taylor, Katelyn James, and Natalie Franke and that's just the beginning. They also have optional styled shoots and an awards dinner for everyone to get dressed up at and have some fun! On top of that, UNITED is suuuuuper reasonable in price, so it was pretty much a no-brainer! 

This post makes me realize... Where are the STL workshops?!? ha! Anyways, I consider workshops and conferences my "college" and they are worth every penny. Not only for the education that I get, but also for the people I meet! I can't wait for these workshops and if anyone knows any other good ones please let me know in the comments-- I'm all ears!