Fears. Failures. And Why I'm Moving Past Them.

I'm going to be totally honest... Starting this blog was scary. I've had this site ready for a month and just couldn't get myself to post, but here I am. Posting. Telling you how scared I am. Scared that people won't care, that only 5 people will read this (that would be my mom, sisters, and boyfriend), that people will correct my grammar (yes, I'm aware that it's awful), basically... Of failing. And while I'm still terrified, I have realized that I don't need to please everyone. If you hate my blog, don't read it. If you love it, I am eternally grateful. People like you make my heart sing. Thank you for helping me look past my insecurities and inspiring me to keep doing what I love.

So here's to more blog posts, fears that are waiting to be conquered, and the successes and failures along the way!

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