Thank You, Sisters

I like to think that being the youngest of 4 girls gives me a slight advantage in life. Thanks to them, I knew the ropes of my grade school and high school going in. I know about parenting and how to make chocolate ice cream healthy. (Recipe is here if you are wondering.) Because of them, I have 3 automatic best friends. Whenever I am feeling discouraged, they are one call/text/15 minute drive away, at any time. They inspire me to run towards my dreams, without considering failure as they take on big girl tasks like homeschooling 4 children, raising 3 kids under 3, or running a cattle farm at age 22.

On International Women's Day I owe them a giant thank you card. Thanking them for teaching me how to ride a bike and how to get over petty grade school fights. Thanking them for the best paleo recipes and how to deal with a 3 year old temper tantrum (for when the time comes). Expressing my gratitude for their support on the worst and best days, when they encourage me to keep going or celebrate with me over the littlest things. Thank you, Lisa, Laura and Ashley, I am a better person because of your love.

To my lifelong pals,


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