What to Wear: Engagements

Every girl can attest to how much thought is put into choosing an outfit for a photo session. And the guys? Let's be honest, the girls pick their outfits too. 

When it comes to choosing outfits for an engagement session I have 2 pieces of advice.

1. Make it Comfortable 

While I mean this literally, your clothes should be comfy, I also mean you should feel comfortable in them. Choose the shirt that you think you look AWESOME in. Don't choose one that you are on the fence about. Feeling confident at a session is essential to liking the final product! 

And 2. Diversify 

Most people choose to bring 2 outfits for an engagement shoot. My advice regarding this is to diversify the outfits. Instead of bringing jeans and 2 different tops, bring an outfit for jeans and a dress. This grants your photographer the latitude to be creative with each outfit. For instance: dresses don't do well for some poses. Having the jeans outfit expands your options immensely. More options= More photographs. And who doesn't want that? 

What to Wear Engagements 2.jpg

Hopefully this makes choosing your outfits easier for future engagement sessions and if ever have any questions feel free to ask your photographer! 




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