Where Should I have my engagement session?

Engagement sessions can be scary in the beginning. Most often, it is a couple's first time ever in front of a camera together, and they don't know exactly what to expect. Because of this uncertainty, I advise my couples to choose a familiar location. 

When choosing an engagement session location ask yourself where you and your fiancé feel the most at home. Is there a certain park you love to visit? Every Christmas do you walk the streets of Main Street? Do you have a family farm that you visit every weekend? Places like these would be perfect, because chances are you feel right at home there! 

If you are stuck, and still can not think of the perfect place, let your photographer know! They will be happy to offer you suggestions such as a local park, historic downtown areas, or a farm! You can always rest in knowing that ANYWHERE with good light can be made beautiful in photographs! 

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