Why Long Distance is (Secretly) Kind of Awesome

It sounds insensitive, like I cheer when Matt leaves for school and groan when he comes back, but that's far from the truth. I hate saying good bye just as much as the next guy, but after the tears stop I am comforted in the certainty of knowing that long distance really isn't that bad. Here's why... 

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Technology has our backs when it comes to being apart. There is a website called rabb.it that we use to watch Netflix, baseball, church services, and more together. Our relationship is built on the Cardinals and Parks and Rec so to say we use this a lot is an understatement. 


As a full time college student with 2 demanding jobs, I have about 5 minutes of extra time on my hands every day. Being in a long distance relationship allows us both to focus on our school work and jobs in order to get the most out of them. 


When you spend most of your time 2,000 miles apart, you don't waste the time that you do have. Before we visit each other we make sure all of our work and home work is done, because we want to get the most out of the visit. In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of long distance.


This is a no brainer. Trust is an absolute must when you are apart majority of the time. Combined with the last reason, I can confidently say that we have a much stronger relationship because of long distance. 


Okay, so I lucked out. Matt chose a college that happens to be on the coast in Malibu, and visiting CA about 5x a year definitely makes life a little easier. ;) 

Yes, long distance can really stink some times. And I can't wait until he graduates, but until then I will rest in knowing that it really is (secretly) awesome. 

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