What's in my Bag?

Ahh! Mid-October! For most photographers this means being knee deep in work and editing + shooting every single day! (No complaints here though, October light is the best!!) In light (pun intended) of this busyness, I thought I would share what comes with me to every wedding + engagement shoot! 

Canon 5d Mark III

I'm pretty obsessed with my camera... any one in my family knows I call it my baby and I like to bring it with most places! (sorry for being "that" girl :/) What I love most about it is the 61 focal points-- I never have to recompose a shot! Its low light capability is also amazing and it has great color. Enough about the body... Let's get into the lenses I carry with me! 

35mm 1.4 Sigma Art 

Unlike most photographers, the 35 is my least favorite lens. I don't prefer using anything wider than the 50, however, it will come out of my bag for larger family or bridal party shots! 

50mm 1.2 L 

The nifty 50 is easily my most used lens! It's the only lens that goes to every shoot and stays with me throughout the entire wedding day. I love it for the bokeh, it's versatility, and quality. 

85mm 1.8 

I once got the L series 85, shot with it once, and returned it. I love my 1.8 because it focuses quickly, provides a distance comfortable for clients, and give insane bokeh + compression. 

100mm Macro 2.8 L 

I definitely wouldn't call this lens a necessity, but oh how I love having it! Even though I only use it for wedding details, I am still so thrilled I have it because it's just that good at what it does. 

135mm 2.0 L 

I may use my 50 more often, but this lens is my all time favorite. It never fails to lock quickly or provide the most amazing bokeh you have ever seen. The only downside to this lens is that I need a lot of wide open space to use it and I have to shoot standing really far away from my clients. 

24-70mm 2.8 L 

I hesitated when I bought this lens. Aside from the price, I insisted I don't use zoom lens and I like to shoot at 2.0 not 2.8. Boy oh boy am I thankful I have it. This lens is great for receptions when moments change quickly and zoom is much appreciated. I have also gone out of town several times with only this lens because of it's versatility. Don't get me wrong, I still don't use it unless I have to, but when I need it I'm glad it's there. 

70-200mm 2.8 L II

Arguably, the lens that every wedding photographer needs. I never (ever) shoot with this lens outside of the ceremony,  but it is useful to me strictly for that purpose. When shooting a ceremony I want to cause as little distraction as possible and not get to close to the couple. With this lens I can accomplish exactly that. 

600 EX-RT Speedlight 

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not an expert on flash. I prefer to only use it when I absolutely have to. For my purposes, this flash suits me perfectly. It fires every time I click my shutter and is high powered enough to light up a dance floor on its own. 

Command Hooks + Wooden Hanger

I always keep command hooks and a wooden hanger in my bag for the wedding day. I don't want to rely on the bride having a cute hanger for her dress, so I bring one just in case. I also don't bank on the ceremony venue having the perfect dress location. I bring command hooks so that if all else fails, I can hang the dress on it. 

ONA Chelsea Bag + Thinktank Airport Navigator

On the wedding day I keep my ONA bag on my side the whole day with lenses needed only for that specific part of the day. The rest of my lenses stay in my Thinktank roller bag, which I go back to and switch lenses out from. This keeps me from having to carry around all 7 lenses and a hanger on my side all day long. 

To engagement sessions, I only bring my ONA bag with my 50, 85, and 135mm lenses. 

I hope this helped give a little insight into how I work and the gear I use at weddings + sessions! 

Happy Shooting!