New Website! YAY!

After months of work I can finallllly say it is LAUNCH DAY for my new website! EEEEK. This still doesn't feel real. I wanted to take a blog post to thank everyone who helped this site come together! 

Jake- Thank you so stinkin' much for filming and putting together the home page video! Also for dealing with me... I can be pushy and picky, but it came together better than I could imagine! THANK YOU! 

Laura & Emily- Thank you both for modeling for me in styled shoots! This website literally could not be here if it wasn't for you both taking a day out of your busy schedules to pull back on your wedding dresses and model! Thank you x1,000!! 

GoLiveHQ- Thanks for making AHHmazing, easy to use design templates for my squarespace site! I have an eye for design the size of a peanut, so having a template made my job easier, faster, and better!

Matt- Where do I start... First thank you for taking all of my bio photos, having to take pictures of your photographer girlfriend sounds like the worst possible kind of torture for a guy, so thanks for being a trooper! Also thanks for the multiple times you helped me with design decisions and calmed me down when I got stressed. You're the best and I don't deserve you. 

Finally, THANK YOU to all the people who took the time to read this post! I could never repay you enough for your support.