Andrew + Rachael: Engaged

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael and Andrew at forest park in the 65° weather for their engagement session! (We totally lucked out on the weather.. I mean who plans an engagement session on February 11th and expects to be wearing short sleeves comfortably?! It was a dream.)

Rachael and Andrew met on New Year's Eve through a friend of Andrew's, who insisted that his friend brought her roommate for Andrew to meet. After dating for almost 4 years, Andrew picked Rachael up front the airport, took her to a park by the river, and proposed. Throughout their dating journey, Andrew used a black journal to write love letters to Rachael. He used it to write to her during long distance, to record travel plans for them, and finally, to propose. 

Rachael and Andrew brought their book to their session and I was so thankful! He reread her the letter that he used to propose and it made for some very sweet, candid moments. Not to mention how beautiful her ring looks against the letter ;). Rachael and Andrew are two of the sweetest people in the world and I am so excited for their wedding later this year! :)