Hope Taylor Workshop + NYC Roadtrip

Just a week ago, I had the privilege of attending the first ever 2 day Hope Taylor Workshop in Fredericksburg, VA. Hope is an extremely talented senior portrait and wedding photographer who lovingly welcomed myself and 15 other photographers into her studio to teach us everything she knows about weddings and seniors. Not only did she knowledge drop like crazy, she also planned 2 gorgeous styled shoots for us to practice all the things we had learned! Side Note: I have never seen so many flowers in my life. These shoots were just stunning. If you are looking for some good educational opportunities, I totally recommend the Hope Taylor Workshop! She pours into each and every attendee and makes sure you have all your questions answered before you leave! :)

Instead of flying to D.C. I conned my sister into driving to Virginia with me for an East Coast road trip! We stayed in Virginia for the workshop and then moved onto D.C., Baltimore, and NYC. In D.C. we did all the classic memorials that were outside— it was way too pretty of a day to be inside a museum! In Baltimore we checked out the Inner Harbor and went to the 27th floor of Baltimore World Trade Center and got panoramic views of the city. We stayed in NYC for a little longer and got to check out all the famous buildings, the Brooklyn Bridge, SOHO, and see 2 Broadway shows: The Waitress and Kinky Boots. (Side Note: If you are into theater at all or are visiting NYC any time this year, Kinky Boots is a MUST. It’s based on a true story and I have never seen more talented dancing, singing, and acting in my entire life. If you hit up the TKTS booth under the red stairs in Times Square you can get the tickets for a pretty sweet deal!)

Now I’m back at home catching up on work and implementing all the things from the workshop! I don’t leave town for over a month and that is oddly comforting! :)