Friday Favorites: Lens

Hey y’all! This weeks favorite is geared towards photographers as I will be diving into all the reasons that the 50mm is my favorite lens and ~hopefully~ convincing every photographer out there that the 50mm is totally worth investing in! 
For canon shooters, there are 3 different 50s that you can opt to purchase: the 1.8, the 1.4, and the 1.2 L. They go up in price respectively, but also go up in glass quality and obviously the aperture opens wider. I first shot with the 1.8 and LOVED it, but since then I have graduated up to the 1.2 L and I am not kidding… I actually feel guilty that I own other lenses because this one rarely comes off my camera body… and heres WHY: 

1. It’s Prime
Me and prime lenses? We go wayyy back. I didn’t buy a zoom lens for my camera until less than a year ago. Up until then I shot with only prime lenses and to this day, I only bust out a zoom lens as a last resort. Although I normally don’t like to leave the 2.0 stop, the 1.2 has saved me more than once in tricky lighting situations. When you pair together a low aperture + prime lens + L series glass you’ve got your self a kick a** lens. 
2. The Length
Every photographer has a “walk-around” lens. Ya know, when you are on vacation and don’t want to lug around your huge camera bag, but still want some high-quality photos… Toss on your walk-around lens. Mine is the 50mm. I have found that it hit the sweet spot of not too wide, but not too tight. I can capture landscapes or I can take a few steps in and get details. I can grab a quick portraits of friends or take flat lays of maps and event tickets. Even though it is prime, I have found that is extremely versatile when it comes to the length. 
3. It Never Leaves My Side
Okay, so not literally, BUT on a wedding day this statement is 100% true. I don’t keep all my lenses with me all day throughout a wedding. I switch them out based on what I will need at any given point of the day. (That system is a whole ‘nother blog post) My 50mm is the only lens that I keep with me throughout every portion of the day and that comes with me to every portrait session I shoot. If someone told me I had to do an entire engagement session with only a 50mm I wouldn’t bat an eye… mainly because I have done it several times before simply out of choice. 
There are other little techy reasons that I love the 50… It is always sharp, focuses quick, and doesn’t weigh too much, which are things I look for when buying any lens. If I was investing in gear, the first lens I would buy would be the 50mm 1.2 L and I truly believe it’s a lens that every photographer should at least try out, if not own. 
SO there ya have it, a love letter to my favorite lens. ;) Drop a line in the comments and tell me your favorite lens + why you love it so much!