5 Tips to Simplify Traveling

If you know me, (heck, even if you don’t know me) you’ve probably picked up on one little thing about me by now… I travel. Often. Everywhere. Close. Far. Summer. Winter. Beach. Mountains. I travel. A LOT. Believe it or not, that hasn’t always been the case. Up until I was about 16 I could count one hand the amount of states I had been to: Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee. Very exciting states, I know. But nowadays, I’ve been a few more places and I get out of Missouri much more frequently. In the past few years I’ve picked up tips here and there that makes traveling a little easier + happen a lot more often! 


Go download this app right now. I’ll wait. Got it? Good. This app is my favorite for searching multiple airlines for the cheapest options to your destination! (Heads up: It rarely searches southwest, so when I book flights I check Southwest and this app, just to be sure I am getting the best deal.) My fave feature of this app is the “everywhere” function. I can put in STL as my departing airport and it will generate a list of destinations sorted by price, so if you don’t know where you want to go next you can start there! 


Pack Outfits 

When you’re packing, try not to just throw a bunch of clothes into a suit case. 1) You’ll forget things you actually need and 2) You’ll overpack. Instead, lay out outfits for each day you will be there! It takes a little longer to pack this way, but you will pack much lighter, remember everything (hopefully), and unpacking will be a heck of a lot easier! 

Weekend Trips

Every time you leave doesn’t need to be a week long endeavor! In fact, it probably shouldn’t be… your boss will hate you or fire you. Or both. Take a short road trip or grab some cheap flights and head out just for the weekend! If you can get Monday or Friday off, even better. 

Don’t Overthink It

One time a group of friends and I were planning a trip to Chicago. Should be an easy trip to plan, right? Book a hotel, hop in the car, and go. Well, after much deliberation (and a ridiculously annoying group message) we decided not to go. Wanna guess why? Parking. Yep, that’s literally it. We didn’t have a sure fire answer to where we could park the car so we just decided not to go at all. My hope is that you are reading this and laughing at how ridiculous that is. If you want to travel far and frequently, stop overthinking things. Not everyday has to be planned down to the second. Book your flights, book your hotel, have a few sights picked out, and let the rest just happen naturally. I promise you will have a much better trip that way. 

Smile in the Airport 

Relax, you won’t miss your flight. Smile. Offer your aisle seat to an older woman. Thank the flight attendants. There are enough angry men and women in a hurry already.

Andrea Vehige