Southwest Roadtrip Recap

Soooo… I just got home from the airport and I can tell you that after this trip, I’ll never be the same. For the last 9 days Matt and I have been exploring the southwest and everything the beautiful states of Arizona and Utah have to offer. And let me tell ya, they have a LOT to offer. We hopped from Havasupai Indian Reservation to Page AZ to Bryce Canyon National Park to Zion National Park. Every single spot had my jaw dropping and and my hands praising the good Lord above for his beautiful creation! I could go on and on about how amazing this trip has been (and why you should go on the exact same one) but I find it best to let the pictures do the talking! ;) 

If you are interested in hearing all about how we planned this trip you’re gonna have to ask Matt because he literally did everything. ;) No really, Matt’s the planner in this relationship. BUT for real, shoot me an email and I can relay on exactly how he planned everything from permits to campsites to the route we chose!