Mike + Jennie Krickl | Old Stone Chapel Wedding

As I write this post and edit these photos, I can't help but think of how joyful Jennie and Mike really are.
From the very beginning of their day and all throughout Mike, Jennie, their bridal party, and their guests were cracking jokes and dancing and cheering. Even Father Gerber joined in with some fun gifts for Mike and Jennie, followed by one of the most beautiful messages I've ever heard on a wedding day. :)
Their bridal party was able to keep the party (pun intended) rolling throughout the portrait time with carefree attitudes and fun photo ideas. 
And the reception? Let's just say that some of their guests should probably be on America's Got Talent or Dancing with the Stars.
Their joy filled day was the perfect reflection of who they are as a couple. And don't think for one second that Mike and Jennie weren't also on the dance floor the entire night! ;) 
From St. Joseph's, to Main Street, to Old Stone their day was filled with joy in the best ways possible. I am absolutely stoked for them and I know that this joy will carry them through until the very end.
Mike and Jennie, I wish you all the best in your marriage. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding and allowing me to experience your joy first hand. xoxo, Andrea.