Sunday FUNdays

6 days of the week are crazy. School, work, homework, more work, squeeze in lunch, edit, blog... you get the point. Those 6 days are carefully planned to maximize every second to get the most done. And that being said... Thank God (yes, literally pray to thank Him) for the 7th day. Every Sunday my family has a good old-fashioned family dinner. We go to church in the morning, and then we all come back to the farm and hang out. There are ranger rides, float trips, jumping on hay bales, sleepovers, karaoke... You name it.

After a crazy week with planning for an upcoming trip to Cali, blowing off homework assignments (100% guilty), and trying to get all of my work done, I am beyond thankful for our family days. Even though they can be crazy, like 7 kids under 7 crazy, they are ours and I love love love it.

Happy Sunday,